Our Approach

Directed by health professional school faculty, this two-year program strives to ensure the success of students by providing relevant experience and learning opportunities, career planning, and mentoring.

Meet the Team

Alice Kuo, MD, PhD

Program Director

Bobby Verdugo, LCSW

PSHP Faculty

Faye Holmes

PSHP Coordinator

Our MCH Seminar Series

All admitted PSHP students are required to enroll in HLT POL 140 Winter Quarter.

HLT POL 140 Foundations of Maternal and Child Health


Seminar Topics include:

  • Culture, Families and Communities
  • Life Course Health Development
  • Immigration and Child Health
  • Child Poverty & Social Determinants
  • Family Environment / Child Abuse / Mental Health
  • Vaccines


  • Early Childhood
  • Childhood Obesity
  • Social Media / Cyber-bullying
  • Gangs / Teen Violence
  • Spectrum of Disability
  • Global Reproductive Health
  • Advocacy and Policy